Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 98th Birthday President Nixon

When I started volunteering at your presidential library from 1996-2003, some people told me, ‘you’ll learn that Nixon really was a crook!’ What I learned was that you were a very complex man. Someone there told me you were like a multi-layered cake and when you get one slice of Nixon, you get a little bit of all those layers. I’m glad I spent all those years there guiding school tours and visitors. I was completely immersed in the history, the committees, the events, the visiting celebrities and politicians. Loved it!

Then after the federal government (NARA) took over, I went back in 2009; however I cou
ld only stand it for a few months. It had a different vibe. You would have been so sad. Your foundation doesn’t run it anymore. You always said you didn’t want citizens’ tax dollars paying to run your Library. Well they do!

I’ve always tried to teach my children the good that you did for this country. Rarely do people associate you with anything other than Watergate and the Vietnam War. But history, when accurate, will present all of our leaders such as they really were--and hopefully all aspects of them.

This would have been your 98th birthday.
Regards, Mrs “I am not a crook either!” Love

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