Sunday, January 30, 2011

Extry! Extry! "Newsie" Christian Bale Turns 37!

Dear Christian Bale,
What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday tonight with a SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role for your part in “The Fighter.” (I know my daughter Stacy, a member of the Screen Actors Guild voted for you…I made sure of it!)
Now you’re a big, high and mighty movie star. However, I will not let you forget “Newsies!”  In an interview about your work on that 1992 Disney “flop” you said: “You say something bad about Newsies, and you have an awful lot of people to answer to.” That’s right! I realize Disney lost money on that film about the NYC paper boy strike of 1899, but my kids loved it! (I’m sure Disney made up for the loss by raising ticket prices to their theme parks!) My kids watched Newsies so many times, they could sing along with all the song lyrics. I will not let you forget Newsies!
Also you’re now known for your infamous rant on the set of “Terminator Salvation,” and you claim you were “in character.” (whatever!) Wouldn’t you rather be best known for your Newsies role as Frank “Cowboy” Kelly, saying great lines like:  “Well, dat’s da foist thing ya gotta learn…headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.” Don’t you still want to hang out with characters like: Racetrack, Spot, Crutchy, Boots, Mush and Blink? And my favorite…your hair flips throughout the film. There was no one better at it than you!
No, Chris…may I call you Chris? Well, I’m going to anyway. Please, never forget “Newsies” and have a wonderful evening celebrating your 37th birthday and your SAG win too. Remember Newsies sell papes, but Mrs Love won’t let you forget Newsies!
Regards, Mrs Love

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