Thursday, January 27, 2011

That'll Do James Cromwell! That'll do!

Jan. 27, 2011
Dear James Cromwell,
Last year I saw you sitting courtside at a Lakers basketball game. Although I was quite a distance from you, I was tempted to run up to you and say, “That’ll do Pig. That’ll do!” And then I remembered a story my daughter told me about you. For a split second I thought about running up to you to tell you how much that story inspired my daughter. But, I decided to leave you alone to enjoy the game.
Many years ago you spoke at the California State Thespian Festival at Claremont Colleges. You shared a touching, personal story that inspired my daughter, who was working at the festival. You said that as you began your acting career, you struggled, not getting the best roles, and not making very much money. Although your parents were both involved in the entertainment industry, you still had to work hard, hoping for that ‘big break.’ At times you felt like you didn’t measure up to your father’s expectations. He knew that you struggled.
Raised in New York, your father called you “Jamie.” He passed away before he was able to see what you achieved as a successful character actor, but you always wondered if he was proud of you.  In 1995 you portrayed Farmer Hoggett in the surprise runaway hit, “Babe.” As you said the famous line: “That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do” you could somehow see your father looking down at you and could almost hear him saying: “That’ll do, Jamie. That’ll do.” You even received an Oscar nomination for that film! You knew your father was proud of you.
Happy 71st Birthday and here’s to many more!
Regards, Mrs Love

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