Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Naomi Judd!

Dear Diana Ellen Judd,
What a taut face you have! What do you do? Or what have you had DONE?
I went through a brief country music phase in the 90’s, so I DO know who you are. My husband & I even attended the 1996 Academy of Country Music awards in Hollywood with one of the academy members. We dressed up fancy and rode in a limo! You were in the audience and I could see your flaming red hair from a mile away. I want you to know that although I’ve never purchased any of your music, I admire you. I know you raised 2 daughters on your own, contracted Hep-C and had to retire from a very successful recording career with your daughter Christina Claire Ciminella (aka Wynonna). Now you’re going to have a reality show on Oprah’s network…or so my sources tell me! If I ever chance to see you again, may I call you Diana? Or would you rather I call you Naomi? Either way, have a Happy 65th Birthday Naomi Judd!
Regards, Mrs Love

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