Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Ricky Gervais!

Dear Ricky Dene Gervais,

No, I didn’t misspell your middle name. You’ve said that your father was drunk when filling out the birth certificate, giving you a uniquely spelled middle name. I want to write LOL here in this letter but I don’t know if that’s a funny story or the truth.

Ricky, you are truly a comedic genius. I loved you on the BBC’s “The Office,” HBO’s “Extras,” “Ghost Town,” and your show, “An Idiot Abroad.” I’m also looking forward to your new HBO sitcom “Life’s Too Short.” I heard that Sting will be making a cameo appearance on it! Excellent choice, Ricky!

You are on of the funniest people I know. Ok, so maybe I don't actually know you, but I wish I did. One blogger said she didn’t want to ever meet you because you're her hero. She said, “I think in some ways, it’s good to keep your heroes on pedestals; just to have something to aspire to.” Well, Ricky, I promise to keep you on a pedestal AND be a great friend! After all, I’ve learned so much from you! Watching your shows and movies, these are some words or terms I’ve picked up:

Blokes, Tele, Bloody, Bleeding, Bugger, Knickers, Quid, Dodgey, Cheeky, Cheers, and my favorite phrase—“Is he havin’ a laugh?”

Speaking of your laugh, Ricky, I love it! It’s so infectious. I think what it shows is that you have a real passion for life and that is the thing I love best about you.

Happy 50th Birthday! I hope that last Sat as you celebrated with family and friends, you DID have a laugh! And lots of them!
Regards, Mrs Love

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Thomas Haden Church!

Dear Thomas Haden Church,
Last week you celebrated your 50th or 51st birthday. I’m not sure and I’ll explain why later.  First of all, I would like to tell you I think that by choosing to use 3 names as your professional name, it gives you a bit of sophistication. You’ve followed the pattern of other celebrities, like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Haley Joel Osment, Tommy Lee Jones, Richard Dean Anderson, and even Jonathan Livingston Seagull! 
I first became familiar with you from the hit sit-com “Wings.”  Now you show up in tons of movies, not only for your acting, but for your voice as well.  As a character actor, you’ve been in many varied roles.  Some of my favorites—George of the Jungle, Over The Hedge, Spanglish, Easy A, and of course Sideways, for which you won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
Now Thomas, I see you are, what I would call, an enigma. There is so much confusing and contradicting information about you on the Internet. For one, some websites claim you were born in 1960, others say 1961. I guess you can take your pick!  Another puzzle is your birthplace. Some websites say you were born in California, others say Texas.  Now about your name; some say your birth name is Thomas Richard McMillen, others say it is Thomas Richard Quesada.  Also, your name appears on a list, “Hollywood’s Most Underrated Actors,” and it’s  on the list, “Hollywood’s Greatest Actors.”  Finally, some bloggers comment about you saying, “Oooooh la la!” while others say, “Woof.”
Most surprising to me, Thomas was your portrayal of Sandman in Spiderman 3.   I hardly recognized you. Parts of the film were shot in downtown Los Angeles, at about 6th and Spring Street. My daughter worked on the film for a number of days. The scenes she worked on with you, she portrayed a New York pedestrian. During one of the breaks she called to tell me that you were in the film.  She said, “You remember that dorky guy from Wings? Well, he’s all bulked up and playing one of the villains!”
That day, the streets were blocked off and it was early morning. You were being chased by the police in the character of Flint Marko.  You hadn’t yet transformed into the “shape shifter” Sandman, and were running through the pedestrians. Another day, scenes were shot of you terrorizing the people in the form of the frightening villain, Sandman. It was chaos, people screaming, running for their lives, and even cars flipping through the air.  That’s how it looked in the film.  My daughter, in this scene, had a frightened look on her face.  She was screaming and running away from what?  What was she looking at?   Were you even there that day, Thomas?  My daughter and the pedestrians were looking at a crew member on top of the camera dolly holding a sign that read, “Villain.”  That sign was their focal point.  Your character, Sandman, would be superimposed later into the film.  Yes, much of your character was in CGI. I hope I didn’t just spill the beans, Thomas! If it makes you feel any better, the taxi cabs flipping through the air was real—all done with huge cables, and many hours of set up and intense work. 
Thomas, you’re a fine actor and I hope you had a wonderful 50th or 51st birthday last week. What did they write on your cake? Thomas Richard McMillen, Thomas Richard Quesada, or perhaps Sandman?
Regards, Mrs Love

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tim Allen!

Dear Timothy Allen Dick,
Yes, Tim, I think it was a wise choice to drop the last name “Dick.” Tim Allen suits you better. You celebrated your 58th birthday last week. Only 58?  I think of you much older.  Every Christmas I watch one of my favorite films, “The Santa Clause.”  I’ve seen it so many times, so I’ve begun to think of you as Santa.  For many years our family enjoyed “Home Improvement.”(my favorite character was your neighbor, Wilson.) I was happy to learn recently that you are returning to primetime television in a new sitcom for the 2011-2012 season—“Last Man Standing.” 
Now Tim, do you remember the first time I saw you?  It was the premier of The Santa Clause 2? I think it was in 2002.  Well, in case you don’t recall, let me refresh your memory. My daughter Stacy and I were L.A. for an appointment which didn’t take long, so we decided to go over to Hollywood Blvd and see the sights. We browsed the shops across the street from the historic “El Capitan Theatre.”  We were in a jewelry store chatting with a jeweler and asked him about the premiere going on across the street.  He said, “Now, the way you get to see the stars is when they come out of the theatre AFTER the premiere and they should be coming out soon.” So Stacy and I ran to quickly make our way to the theatre.  Just then, walking across the street, was YOU, Tim!  There you were!  Now do you remember?  I took your picture right there!  Soon a crowd began to gather and so off you went in a hurry.  It was exciting; however, I was a bit surprised at how thin you were.  Like I said, I think of you as Santa!
I’m sure you remember that, Tim.  Ok, how about the OTHER time I saw you.  It was in Studio City at a Starbucks. Again, my daughter had an appointment. We got there early and decided to pick up a couple of hot chocolates from Starbucks. It was a busy morning and we stood in a long line with lots of customers. Most of the seats in the place were filled with aspiring young screenwriters typing away on their laptops. Is it starting to sound familiar now, Tim?  Well, in you walked. I noticed you right away, but didn’t make a scene. My daughter whispered to me, “Recognize him?” “Absolutely!” I answered.  You see, Tim, you “air” about you—the “air” of a celebrity.  You went right up to the barista, she handed you a coffee and said, “Good Morning, Mr. Allen.”  Do you remember, Tim?  Then you said, “Good morning, thank you.”  And off you went. I notice you didn’t get in line like the rest of us. I notice you didn’t pay either. Perhaps you had an account there.  Oh well, no one made a fuss about it. After all, you were Tim Allen!  It was as if, a star walking in and picking up his coffee was an everyday occurrence.  Again, I was surprised at how thin and young you looked.  You still didn’t look like Santa!
Tim, I hope you had a wonderful 58th birthday last week. I’m sure you celebrated it with your family, including your two daughters—one 19 and the other a 2 year old. 
When will I run into you next, Tim?  Maybe next time you’ll remember!
Regards, Mrs Love

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday "Cheap Trick" Drummer, Bun E Carlos!

Dear Bun E Carlos,
Whenever I hear your band I think of my college days in the late 70’s and early 80’s and it puts a big smile on my face. I was a loyal and devoted fan and completely hooked when I bought the album “Cheap Trick at Budokan.” I listened to that record over and over and even screamed with all the little Japanese girls in the background.

I had posters and magazine pictures in my dorm room of lead singer Robin and bass guitarist Tom. Soon the pictures would become part of the “wallpaper” of my room, joining various pictures of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Kiss, and Peter Frampton. I’m sorry Bun E, but I didn’t have too many pictures of you. You see, the cool thing about your band was the contrast of your members. You had two glamour boys and two geekie boys. You, Bun E, (and I’m sure you knew this) were one of the geekie boys. The other geekie boy was lead guitarist Rick Nielsen, with his flipped up old style ball cap and crazy onstage antics. And then you, Bun E, looked like someone’s engineer-dad just happened to stop by and pick up the drumsticks and play. With your white shirt and tie and dangling cigarette, you certainly stuck out. However, just by your geekie persona and I’m-bored attitude, you certainly entertained me.

You introduced your own line of coffee. How entrepreneurial of you! Bun E. Blend Gourmet Coffee. “An intense blend of Columbian, Guatemalan and Sumatran coffees, providing a full body in a sharp envelope of smoky flavored Italian Style Roast." Never tried it, but sounds exotic!

So Bun E, here’s a “Cheap Trick” story. You didn’t think I would give you a birthday wish without one, did you? It was 1979 and my boyfriend “du jour,” Danny, told me he was taking me on a special date. (Note: in my college years I changed boyfriends as often as I changed my sweaters!) He wouldn’t give me any hints other than we needed to drive into the city.

So downtown we went. It was a busy weekend and there were lots of cars. We had trouble finding a parking spot. Finally we parked behind a large sports arena and saw many people going in.

As we walked around to the front, Danny said, “Why don’t you ask someone what’s going on?”
So I walked up to an usher and asked, “Hey what’s happening tonight?”
He said, “A concert.”
My next question to the usher was, “Oh really? Who’s in concert?”
He answered: “Cheap Trick.”
I screamed and turned to Danny, “Oh my gosh, I wish we could see them! I love Cheap Trick!”
He smiled at the usher, as he reached into his pocket, pulling out 2 tickets. Then he asked, “Would these get us in?”

It was an awesome night and the first of many Cheap Trick concerts I would enjoy in my life. I don’t know whatever happened to Danny. We probably broke up after that night, because that’s how I was back then.

Thank you Bun E, for your great music. Thank you for still being on the radio and bringing back good memories. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face!
You turned 60 on the 12th of June. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Bun E Carlos (aka Brad Carlson)!
Regards, Mrs Love

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy "Belated" Birthday Shia Labeouf!

Dear Shia,
The first time I saw you was when you were just a little kid on the popular Disney Channel series, “Even Stevens.”  I never actually watched an entire episode, but it was one of my kids’ favorites.  I would walk in the family room where they were watching and stop now and then to look.  I remember seeing you and I told my kids, “Now, THAT kid can act.” You had “naturalness” about you…and still do.  My favorite actors are those who don’t seem like they’re acting at all.  And you, Shia, are that kind of actor.  You were even awarded a Daytime Emmy at the ripe old age of 16! No surprise to me!
Now Shia, something else I want to tell you. When I first heard your name I said, “Now that kid needs to change his name.  There’s no way people are going to remember it.”  In fact, I had a difficult time even pronouncing it.  When I see the name Shia, I want to pronounce it “Shee-a.”  Instead it’s pronounced “Shy-a.”  When asked what your name means, you told David Letterman, “the name ‘Shia’ was Hebrew for Praise God and his last name ‘LaBeouf’ was French for Beef, hence the phrase ‘Praise God for Beef.’”  Hilarious!  So now that I’m seeing your name more and more often, I guess you can keep it as it, Shia.  I’ll let you.

To be honest with you, kid, I haven’t actually seen very many of your films. Ok, maybe one. Ok, maybe none. The truth is I haven’t seen ANY of them. I’ve never seen that golfing movie you did. I’ve never seen the Indiana jones movie, or Wall Street, or the Transformer movies.  So why would I want to write you a birthday wish?  I know who you are because my kids are your fans.  I want you to be a good guy!  PLEASE!  I know you’ve had your skirmishes with the law a number of years ago… intoxicated at a Walgreens late at night… a DUI accident, where you overturned your truck in 2008. You injured your hand, but luckily no one else was seriously hurt.
May I share a quote with you, Shia? “You can't buy back your respect; you can't buy back your career. You only get one, so I don't want to mess that up.” Who said that Shia? It’s someone you know very well.  YOU said it!  I hope you’ve learned a lesson or two from the past and you’ll put your head on straight from now on! You said you don’t want to mess up, so DON’T!
I may not be watching your films, Shia. But I WILL be keeping an eye on you! Happy slightly belated 25th Birthday and Thank God for Beef!
Regards, Mrs Love

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy "Belated" Birthday Michael J. Fox!

Dear Michael J. Fox
I know it was on June 9th, but I still wanted to wish you a happy 50th birthday.  Born Michael Andrew Fox, upon joining the Screen Actors Guild, you chose Michael “J” Fox as your professional name.  This was tribute to character actor Michael J. Pollard, one of the best character actors in Hollywood.
I regard you as an exceptional man, Michael J.  I admire you as an father, husband, actor, writer, advocate and optimist.  You’ve been battling illness for a long time and yet continue to move forward.  You were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 30.  At that time you might have chosen to quietly leave public life and live in seclusion with your wife and family.  I knew a man with Parkinson’s disease who chose to do just that.  He closed himself up in his house and rarely went out—mostly because of embarrassment.  What you’ve done with your life, Michael J, is quite the opposite of that man.  What you’ve done is nothing less than astonishing. 
Now, Michael J, (may I call you Michael J? I’m a Michael J Pollard fan too!) your career in the entertainment field, as far as I am concerned, has been remarkable—both in television and film.  Whether it was “Family Ties,” “Teen Wolf,” or the “Back to the Future” trilogy, your performances have been 100% fantastic.  You were certainly the favorite in our family as we watched “Family Ties.”  My children called it the “Alex P. Keaton Show.”  And you once said of the “Back to the Future” trilogy: “I'm…proud to be a part of a trilogy of films that, if they do nothing else, allow people to check their problems at the door, sit down and have a good time. “
You were first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, but chose not to disclose it until 1998. I remember when we first heard about it. We were shocked.  How could this happen to such a young man?  I remember when you left the highly popular show “Spin City” because of the Parkinson’s disease and went into semi-retirement.  You work now and then in small guest roles on television and even do voiceover work for many films, including the “Stuart Little” films. You’ve even done the voice for the “Back to the Future” video game!
Furthermore, you make spending time with your family a priority. You’ve said: “Family is not an important thing, it's everything.”  You also established the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is “dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today.”
How surprising it is, Michael J, to see where you are now in your life. Who would’ve thought the young man we all fell in love with so many years ago as Alex P. Keaton, is now considered one of the most respected men in the country; even a hero! Thank you for your courage, optimism, commitment to family and commitment to helping improve the lives of those who also battle the same disease.  Once you said, “In my 50s I'll be dancing at my children's weddings.”  I believe that will happen, Michael J! Happy “belated” 50th Birthday, Michael J. Fox.
Regards, Mrs Love

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Prince!

Dear Prince,
I know your birthday was yesterday, but I still wanted to take just a minute to wish you a happy one.  I wanted to use your real name in this letter, so I looked it up.  Your real name is Prince?  Prince Rogers Nelson.  Your parents actually named you “Prince?”  Well done!  However this makes me wonder why between 1993-2000 you changed your name to some freaky name that no one could read or pronounce!  Apparently it has been officially translated to “Love Symbol #2.”  Eventually the media had to refer to you as “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.”  I had often wondered how it would be if someone were to attempt to pronounce that name.  A scene from “Splash” came to mind. When Daryl Hannah’s character “Madison” tries to tell Tom Hank’s character “Alan” what her name is in her language, you hear a strange screeching sound.  They’re standing in the TV appliance section of a department store and all the TV screens break simultaneously.  Well, I’m sure that’s what would happen if people tried to pronounce that strange name.  Why didn’t you just change your name to your childhood nickname, “Skipper?”  Easier to pronounce and spell.
You were born and raised in Minnesota?  I’d have thought you were born in some exotic place like Aruba or Belize. And you pioneered the “Minneapolis sound”?  Now I’ve only been to Minneapolis on a layover, but when I hear of Minneapolis I think of Garrison Keillor and The Prairie Home Companion.  Instead you describe the “Minneapolis sound” as “a hybrid mixture of funk, rock, pop, R&B and New Wave that has influenced many other musicians.”   So what you’re saying is that if I were to be musical artist someday, I could make up some distinctive sound and call it the “Yorba Linda sound?”  Ok, Prince, I’ll have to remember that.
I first learned about you in 1979 from a girl who lived in my sister’s dorms.  She listened to you and Rick James all the time.  I loved the music!  It was unique that’s for sure!  That girl in the dorms, who later became one of my best friends and a bridesmaid in my wedding, was so in-love with you.  Finally she showed me your picture in a magazine.  I said, “I can’t believe you’re in love with this guy? He’s wearing eyeliner and lipstick!  Plus he has on lace and high heels!”  I was shocked but intrigued, which I’m sure was your intent.
So Prince, or “Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Former Known as Prince”, or “Skipper,”  you are arguably one of the most experimental and “out there” artists.  You were around way before Lady Gaga was born and now she’s known as the “out there” artist of today.   O(+>  …there’s that the best I could do!  How’s that for Love Symbol #2?  Happy 53rd!
Regards, Mrs Love

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker Stevenson!

Dear Parker Stevenson,
Do you remember the time I hid in the trunk of a car just to get a glimpse of you?  What?  You don’t remember me?  Don’t you remember those 3 crazy girls watching you on the set of “The Hardy Boys?”  You know the cute ones?  I believe it was 1978. Well, let me refresh your memory.
You and Shaun Cassidy were the stars of the popular television show, “The Hardy Boys.” We found out you were filming at Lion Country Safari one day.  Lion Country Safari was located in Laguna Canyon in Orange County.  The episode was supposed to be about the Hardy boys going to Africa to solve a crime. Of course they were going to solve a crime!  Isn’t that what they did in every episode? 
Why film the episode in Orange County?  Well I’m sure the production company wanted to keep costs down. It was cheaper to go to film in the O.C. than to really go to Africa!  One of my friend’s older brothers worked at Lion Country Safari and told us about the filming. (Note: Lion Country Safari no longer exists here in the O.C., but it was theme park where you could drive your car among the lions and giraffes, hippos, etc.  I remember they had a sign outside the park that said “No Trespassing: Violators Will Be Eaten!”)
Now Parker, I must tell you that in 1978 I was deeply in love with you and your costar, Shaun Cassidy, so I was determined to go to the Hardy Boys set and get a glimpse of you!  So I called 2 of my girlfriends to come along that day. One of the girls drove her little Datsun 710 and when we got to the park, we discovered we didn’t have enough money to get all 3 of us in.  No problem!  Two of us would squish into the trunk, while one would drive.  That was the plan.  I was one of the girls chosen to get into the trunk. (Note: I was A LOT skinnier then!)    I remember being in that tiny trunk, my face smashed against the lid, barely able to breath.  I remember thinking, “All THIS just to see The Hardy Boys?” 
Well we got in! Luckily, in 1978, they didn’t do thorough security checks like they do today.  Many filming locations do careful checks of each vehicle, including trunks!  Well, we drove around a bit and found my friend’s brother.  He let us hang out with him on the set and we got to meet most of the crew and other actors. We were there the entire day!
Now Parker, I wish I could tell you that we got to meet you and Shaun that day and we became the best of friends.  Sadly though, we only saw you from a distance.  You were the stars of the show, so you were kept pretty guarded.  You hung out in your trailer most of the day.  However, one of the production assistants was able to get us your pictures and autographs.   Perhaps the crew warned you about the 3 crazy girls hanging out on set and it was safer for you to stay in your trailer! Perhaps they thought we were more dangerous than the lions and tigers at Lion Country Safari!  Oh well, it was a worth it to us!  We got to see you in person, even if it was from a distance and we had a fun story to go home and tell our friends and family. And believe me, Parker, I’ve told this story for YEARS!
I have wondered about you Parker; where you are and what you’re doing now. I know you went on to become one of the “original” lifeguards on Baywatch and you were once married to wacky Kirstie Alley…(when she was thin!).  I hope I’ll get to see you on TV now and then so I can reminisce once again about the time I hid in a trunk to try and get a glimpse of you!  
I hope you had a very Happy 59th Birthday last Saturday!  59? Wow!  How did that happen?
Regards, Mrs Love

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood!

Dear Clint,
I know I’m a little behind on my birthday wish to you, but I still want to wish you a Happy 81st Birthday anyway.  I have admired your work for a long, long time. You are such a talented man-- actor, director, producer, music composer, and even politician!  Before you were “A Man With No Name,” Sylvester “Pardner” Newell, “Dirty” Harry Callahan, Prisoner Frank Morris,  Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan, or boxing trainer Frankie Dunn, or Carmel California Mayor--you were just Clinton Eastwood Jr. of Piedmont, California. You were the son of a steel-worker and migrant worker and were nicknamed “Samson” when you were born because you weighed a whopping 11lbs.6oz! That must be some kind of record!
It’s amazing that a guy whose trademark is his squint and the way he hisses his lines through his teeth, would now be worth $400 million. Not too shabby, my friend.  May I call you my friend?  If you are my friend, got a million to spare?
Now, Clint my friend, I must tell you my favorite of your films was “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” Loved the poncho!  In fact, now that I think of it, I want one!  I think it’s time to make a trip to Olvera Street!   No, actually, my favorite was “Paint Your Wagon” because you sang in it.  No, my favorite was, “Dirty Harry.” Ok, all the Dirty Harry films. You did such an awesome job.  I guess I could go on and on.  But don’t let me forget “Escape From Alcatraz” or “The Bridges of Madison County.”  Alright, I’ll stop now.
Clint, there is one thing I know about you that disappoints me.  You’ve been known as a “serial womanizer.”  You’ve fathered at least 7 children by 5 different women.  And actress Sondra Locke, who you lived with for 14 years, has nothing nice to say about you. In fact, she’s written a whole book about you:  “The Good, The Bad and the Very Ugly.”
Well, who am I to judge?  I only know what I read on the Internet.  And as you know, Clint, everything on the Internet is fact, right?  You said once: “They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.”  I completely agree, my friend.  However, now that you ARE married, I hope you’ve learned to be faithful.
I  love what you said about your mother, who died at age 97: “She had no fear and I think as you get older -- you probably have more fear as a younger person than you do as an older person. Because as an older person you have stacked up a lot of background and time-in-grade, so to speak, so you are probably thinking what the hell, I have had a good time!”
I’ll bet you’ve had a good time, my friend.  I’m sure on Tues. you had a wonderful time celebrating your 81st birthday with family and friends.  Perhaps the 7 children by 5 different women were there too.  Perhaps you wore your poncho.  Perhaps when you blew out the 81 candles, you said, “Go ahead! Make my day!”
Regards, Mrs Love

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael J. Pollard!

May 30, 2011
Dear Mr. Pollard,
It is rare today in Hollywood for an actor such as you, to keep his personal life virtually “hidden.”  It is rare, because with the internet, there is so much information at everyone’s fingertips.  Information can be found just about any person’s age, creed, color, religion, sex, birth date or death date. This past week, I saw that you celebrated your 72nd birthday.  However, I did a search on your name and found practically nothing about you.  There was very little on my two main sources for celebrity info…Wikipedia and the Imdb. There was no fansite, no interviews, nothing.
This was surprising to me because you have been showing up in movies and TV for so many years.  Anyone who has enjoyed your work knows your face.  Perhaps they aren’t familiar with your name, but they know who you are.  I showed my husband your picture the other day and asked, “Have you ever seen this actor?”  His response, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen him.”
Not long ago I enjoyed watching “Bonnie and Clyde.”  You received an academy award nomination for your portrayal of C.W. Moss, the dim-witted gasoline station attendant.  I loved that character!   I also enjoyed you in “Roxanne” where you had a little role, but you were very, very funny!  I’m sure it was a great experience to work with the brilliant Steve Martin.
I think the best thing discovered about you that most people don’t know, is that Michael J. Fox adopted the “J” as homage to you.  That’s right; Michael J. Fox was born as Michael Andrew Fox. The Screen Actors Guild rules say there can’t be more than one person with the same name in the guild.  So when Michael Andrew Fox had to register his name, he could have picked Michael A. Fox, but decided to register his name as Michael “J” Fox.  He said, “in honor of legendary character actor Michael J. Pollard.”
Now, Michael J., I applaud you for keeping your life top-secret, which is hard to do in this day and age.  However, I want to thank you for sharing your talent with us for so many years.  I hope you had a wonderful day last Mon. as you celebrated your 72nd birthday! 
One of your  fans,
Regards, Mrs Love