Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason Bateman!

Dear Jason Bateman,
I was going to write this birthday note, demanding that if you had it in your power, to bring back Arrested Development! However, my sources tell me that a movie has been announced, coming out in 2012…Not soon enough, if you ask me. I miss that show.
Jason, I think you’re great. Just don’t EVER do anything that would disappoint me! After all, you’re on the list: “20 Child Stars Gone Right” and I expect you to stay on it.
I’m glad you’re still working. After all, you have a beautiful wife & daughter now. But if things don’t pan out, you can always open a frozen banana stand in Balboa!
Happy 42nd Birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love
PS. This is my favorite picture of you. 2008 Gap Ad with your beautiful daughter.

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