Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin Costner!

Dear Kevin Costner,
In the early 90’s your parents lived in Corona, not far from our first home. One year on Thanksgiving my kids and I drove past your parent’s house. Did you see us?  It was me and 3 little kids in a blue Camry. You were in the front yard tossing a football with your kids. My first thought was to run up and hug you and ask for an autograph. Then I remembered it was a holiday and you were spending time with your family, which was much more important. After all, what did you say in Field of Dreams? “Hey, Dad, you want to have a catch?” So we didn’t interrupt. You are welcome! However, I hope you weren’t alarmed as we drove down the street screaming at the top of our lungs after seeing you! Maybe I’ll see you at an upcoming Cal State Fullerton baseball game. I’ll try not to bug you, although I can’t promise anything this time! After all, “If you build it, Mrs Love will come!”
Happy 56th Birthday, Kevin Costner!
Regards, Mrs Love

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