Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeff Bezos!

Dear Jeff Bezos,
I’m glad you changed your company name from "Cadabra" to "Amazon." I like the name Amazon more! Cadabra sounds too much like "cadaver" and that wouldn't be a very pleasant shopping experience!  I guess your company’s big enough that when I googled “Amazon” you show up first and not the river in South America. Not bad for a company that has only been around since 1995. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t know you if I passed you on the street. However, I enjoy shopping from your website…and not just for books! I see you’re younger than I am and already a billionaire. Slow down a bit, so I can catch up! Thank you, I’d appreciate it.
Happy 47th Birthday, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos!
Muchos abrazos y bezos!
Regards, Mrs Love

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