Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday John Belushi

Jan. 24, 2011
Dear John Belushi,
I was a loyal fan when you portrayed characters like SNL’s “Samurai Warrior,” Animal House’s, “Bluto,” Blue’s Brothers’, “Joliet Jake Blues.” In 1982 I was on a volunteer mission in Spain. One day in March 1982, I was visiting the US Naval base in Rota. My friend Thais and I walked into the library on the base. There, we walked up to a magazine rack and saw the latest issue of People magazine. The cover said that you had recently passed away. We were shocked!
In Spain, an old tradition is to dress in black to signify one is “in mourning.” They say one is “de luto.” So my friend Thais and I, being your loyal fans, decided to follow that tradition for one entire day. We dressed in black to signify we were mourning your death. Now, John, like you, my friend Thais returned to her heavenly home and I’m certain that you were one of the first people in heaven she looked up.
Each time I’m in LA and drive down the Sunset strip, I look up at the Chateau Marmont, where you life was sadly cut short, and think of you and smile. A memorial headstone for you in Illinois reads: “He gave us laughter.” And you surely did.
Cheeseburga, cheeseburga, pepsi, pepsi!
Regards, Mrs Love

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