Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mel Gibson turned 56 on Jan. 3rd!

Dear Mel,
This month you turned 56.  I regret to inform you that you look much older.  I suggest you cut back on the cigs.  I’ve never seen you or met you…yet.  If, and when I do, I’m going to call you by your full name.  After all, it’s quite unique: Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson. When I see you, I’m going to yell out, “Hey Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson! Can I have your autograph?!”  I understand that you were named after a saint.  Sorry Mel, but you are the LAST person I would guess to be named after a saint!  And you were born in New York?  All this time, I thought you were born in Australia.  Thinking you were an Australian made you sexier.  A New Yorker?…I don’t think so!
Recently, while waiting in line at the grocery store, I picked up a copy of People magazine.  There on the cover, it read—“Ouch!  Mel Loses $425 mil in Divorce…Highest in Hollywood History!”  Yes, Ouch!!!  Although, considering your bad behavior in the last 5 years or so, I was not that surprised.  I’m sure most movie-goers were not either.
Do I have to list all the things that you’ve done, Mel?  Certainly not!  I wish things in Hollywood were like they were in the old days.  Hollywood was a well-oiled machine. Movie stars’ images were carefully orchestrated.  They were the beautiful people with beautiful lives.  Motion picture studios kept scandals hush-hush.  It’s not like that today.  I’m sad to say that I know way more about your bad behavior than I ever wanted to know.
On a happier note Mel, after researching your life, I discovered that you and your ex-wife were generous though the years with substantial donations to many charities. I was happy to discover this. An American film critic once said of you: “I can't define "star quality," but whatever it is, Mr. Gibson has it.” Yes, you had it, Mel.  That’s why I watched your movies.  Now I watch you in a whole new perspective…because I’ve read so much “garbage” about you.  Why not have your publicists publicize some good stuff about you?  Why not DO more good, Mel?  I think your fans would appreciate it.  I know this fan would! Although a little belated…Happy 56th Birthday anyway!
Regards, Mrs Love