Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Joan Crawford!

Mar. 23, 2011
Dear Lucille Fay LeSueur, aka Joan Crawford,
My favorite of your films? “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” You and Bette Davis were awesome. It was one of the first horror movies I had ever seen.

“Sister, sister, oh so fair. Why is there blood all over your hair?”
Oh my, I just got chills remember how creepy that movie was!

Next year a remake of your Academy Award winning film “Mildred Pierce” will be released, with Kate Winslet starring. You’d be happy with her. She’s a great actress too.

Upon being disinherited, your daughter Christina, wrote the tell-all book, “Mommy Dearest,” released in 1978. Too bad you weren’t around to defend yourself when the book came out. It was one of the first “celebrity tell-all” books back then. Now there are many.

It’s interesting that although I never read the book, I remember hearing that you did not approve of wire hangers. Well, Joan, you and I have this in common. I don’t like wire hangers either. I won’t, however, go into a violent tirade about it though. I just toss them and replace them with plastic ones. I know that if plastic hangers were around when you were raising your daughter, she would’ve used them. Perhaps you would’ve said, “No more wire hangers! No wire hangers ever! Plastic only!”

I’m not sure how things are in heaven, but I’m sure if you could, you’d be looking cool smoking a cigarette and toasting a glass of champagne for your birthday.
Happy Birthday on what would have been your 106th birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love

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