Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Catherine O'Hara

Mar. 4, 2011
Dear Catherine O’Hara,
You are one of the hardest working character actresses in Hollywood, with over 80 films to your credit. You’re a talented writer, director and voice-over artist. Although best known for your terrific sense of humor and improvisational skills (you got your start with SCTV), you’ve never been typecast to portray only one kind of character. You play all kinds of rolls and that’s what I admire about you. I know when I see that you’re in a film, you’ll be great. I know the roll you play will be interesting, because it seems those are the only kind of rolls you take. You are also a “visual” actress. You may life an eyebrow or open your eyes a little wider, or you may smile with those sparkling expressive eyes.  You have a face that is fun to watch.  Conan O’Brien called you the “funniest woman in the world.”
Now Catherine, although you haven’t had any major starring roles, you’ve portrayed plenty of memorable characters.  One of the most recognizable lines in movies is “KEVIN!” as Macauley Culkin’s forgetful mother in “Home Alone.”  Or as the quirky step-mom Delia Deetz, in “Beetlejuice,” “If you don’t let me gut out this house, and make it my own, I will go insane, and I will take you with me!”
One of my favorite of your quotes:  “To this day, I've found that it doesn't matter what a guy looks like if he's really funny. His sense of humor makes him attractive. On the other hand, you don't hear men saying, ‘No she's not pretty, but is she ever funny!’” Well, Catherine I think you’re pretty AND funny!
You love what you do and it shows. I’m anxious to see what you do next. Whatever it is, it’ll be great!
Happy 57th Birthday,
Regards, Mrs Love

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