Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday & Best Wishes to Reese Witherspoon!

Mar. 22, 2011
Dear Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon,
Of course, everyone knows you as Reese, which is your mom’s maiden name. If I used my mom’s maiden name as my first name, I’d be Torres Love. Na, I think I’ll stick with Vivian! That pattern doesn’t quite work for everyone!

I’m so happy for you! What an exciting week this will be for you! Today you turned 35 and on Sat. you’ll be getting married in Ojai, CA.

Now, let me be honest with you for a moment, Reese. Or do your friends call you Laura? I never felt Ryan Phillipe deserved you. (did you call him Matthew? That’s his real name, you know. Perhaps you didn’t know that, Laura!) And I’ve never completely trusted Jake Gyllenhaal. I think the man you’ll be married to this Sat. is perfect for you! The reason being—Jim Toth is involved in the movie business, but he doesn’t do what you do! I don’t think your egos will clash. So, I predict this marriage will work.

I have 2 favorites of your movies. First, Elle Woods in the “Legally Blonde” movies. I love Elle! She’s the ditzy sorority girl who ends up showing she really does have brains when she gets into Harvard Law School. Loves your clothes, your hair, your dog’s outfits, and your later-in-the-movie boyfriend played by Luke Wilson…very easy on the eyes!

And my second favorite would be your role as Jennifer in “Pleasantville.” Loved, loved that movie! You played opposite some great actors! My favorite being Paul Walker...ooh la la!

One of the best things you’ve shared was this: (I think it’s something all actors should know before they get to Hollywood!) "The battles that we face in this business aren't financial, they are moral. And I certainly think that the longer you can keep your values, and your morality intact, and keep your head on your shoulders about what is important at the end of the day, you can get the most out of this business and really emerge with something wonderful."

You are something wonderful Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon…soon to be Mrs. Toth!
Happy 35th Birthday and Best Wishes on your upcoming nuptials!
Regards, Mrs Love

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