Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Seal!

Feb. 19, 2011
Dear Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel,
Or may I just call you Seal, like everyone else? I hope you know you’re not the first celebrity who has chosen to use a one-word stage name. There’s Beck, Beyonce, Cher, Bjork, Fabio, Yanni, Shakira, Bono, Charo, Liberace, Pink, Coolio, Dido, Twiggy, Elvis (ok, maybe he didn’t drop his last name, but if you just say Elvis, everyone knows who that is.), Flea, Jewel, Madonna, Oprah (ok, another one who hasn’t dropped her last name, but everyone knows who Oprah is…is there even another?), Sting, Penn, Teller, Usher, and even Lassie. Have I forgotten anyone?
I admire you and your wife Heidi Klum. I think you are an awesome couple. I understand you renew your wedding vows every year. You’ve said: "Each year, Heidi and I get remarried. It's a great party, but for about an hour, we go off on our own down to a private beach. We sit there with the kids and read vows to each other as the sun sets. It's a very special moment to us."
Now I must tell you something that I hope you don’t take the wrong way. I was quite surprised when I first heard that you were married to Heidi Klum. You see, I think you look better with your wife at your side…as all husbands do. But you look exceptionally better!
Furthermore, Seal, please don’t ever do anything to disappoint me. I admire you and Heidi Klum so much and would very upset if I ever read you were not the decent and respectable man that you are today. Carry on, my friend. (May I call you friend? Well, I did anyway!)
Happy 48th Birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love

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  1. bill murray said it best it inn just doesn't matter because the rich guys get all the good looking true as far as seal is concerned