Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Dakota Fanning!

Feb. 23, 2011
Dear Hannah,
That’s right. Your name is Hannah, not Dakota. I guess Hannah Fanning didn’t sound very “Hollywood” so now you go by Dakota Fanning. I guess it’s more hip. (and your actress sister, Elle, is really named Mary?)
You’re 17 today. Now you can (legally) go see all the rated-R movies that you’ve been in!
Now Hannah, or Dakota, or Ms Fanning, or whatever, you’re a child actress that I believe will transition into adult roles very well--like Jodie Foster or Leonardo DiCaprio. Please be good. Don’t disappoint me, dear. I don’t ever want to hear that you turned out like child actors like Lindsay Lohan or the late Gary Coleman. Grow up to be one of the “good” people in Hollywood. Or better yet, stay little and cute and never grow up at all!
Happy 17th Birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love


  1. awww that was very emotional and true :)

  2. I love her too..
    I hope she'll grow up to be a woman with character & not into bad stuff..
    Been a fan since she played in the series, Taken :)