Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Cindy Crawford!

Feb. 20, 2011
Dear Cindy Crawford,
I wondered if you were at the NBA All-Star game tonight at the Staples Center with your birthday buddies, Charles Barkley (48) and Rhianna (23). But most likely you were enjoying a quiet evening with your family.
You’re a supermodel, celebrity, entrepreneur, MTV host, and girl with the trademark mole just above your lip. Now Cindy, you’re not the only one with a trademark mole…or as it’s sometimes called, “beauty mark.” Marilyn Monroe had one. Paula Abdul has one, but she covers it with thick makeup. Natalie Portman has one. Angelina Jolie does too. Robert DeNiro has one, but I’m sorry I wouldn’t call it a “beauty mark.” On him, it’s just a mole. Even Martha Stewart has one. Sarah Jessica Parker had one, but has had it removed, so perhaps she not a beauty anymore. Enrique Iglesias had one, but eventually had his removed. And personally, I think it’s made him even MORE of a beauty!
Now, Cindy, even though I’m not a celebrity, I have one too. And I like to call it a “beauty mark” too!
You are a beautiful, smart woman and I’ve admired you for a long time. I even have one of your first exercise videos. I’ve actually watched it once, although watching it exhausted me! You look beautiful in it and I can see the exercises have worked very well for you.
Cindy, I haven’t purchased any of your skin care products I see on late night infomercials. However, if you can guarantee if I use your products, I’ll look just like you, then I will buy them!
Have a wonderful 45th birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love

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