Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Paris Hilton!

Dear Paris Hilton,
What a life you have! Today is your 30th birthday. How many parties are you going to have? I’m sure one won’t be enough. Today was also the release of your new iPhone app. Why do you need an iPhone app?  And you received a $375K Lexus from your boyfriend.
Your show, Paris Hilton’s BFF was so sad to me. You had to hold a competition because it’s hard for you to find a genuine, kind, devoted friend in your everyday life? Oh well, I guess if the Bachelor can find love by process of elimination, then you can find a BFF.  Oh well, that’s entertainment.
Still, I must admit, you and your friend Nicole Richie did entertain me when you were on The Simple Life. Funny show! But I hope you’re not really that ditsy.
I asked a friend what she thought of you and she answered, “She’s so manufactured.” I had no idea you’ve had plastic surgery and you hardly looked like the same girl back when you were a teenager.
You’ve said your goal is to have lots of attention and be an icon. You’ve even compared yourself to Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana. I’m sorry, my dear; you are NO Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana! After all, you are known as a narcissistic socialite and heiress. You’ve been quoted to say: “The only rule is don’t be boring & dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”
Why don’t you think about doing some good in the world?  I had hoped that after your brief “holiday” in jail, you would have come out a different person. But I’ve yet to see that. Think about doing something that benefits others. Why not be known as Paris Hilton, the kind, generous, humanitarian and philanthropist? It sounds so much better.
Regards, Mrs Love

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