Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris Farley!

Feb. 15, 2011
Dear Chris Farley,
You played so many funny characters on Saturday Night Live—a Chippendale’s dancer, one of the “Gap Girls,” the Lunch Lady, and host of The Chris Farley Show. My favorite was motivational speaker, Matt Foley.  You lived in a “van down by the river.” I could best relate to him because during the years you portrayed him, I drove a van and I don’t live too far from the Santa Ana River in Orange County.  When I loaded up my kids in our van and we’d run all around town, I would say that we also lived in a “van down by the river!”
I’m glad your humor lives on through DVD’s and the internet. You made us laugh when you were here. You left us in 1997—too soon, but I’m sure you’re up there in heaven still making people laugh.
Today would’ve been your 47th birthday and just like Matt Foley would’ve said: “Well, la dee fricken da!”
Regards, Mrs Love

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