Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Goonies Star, Josh Brolin!

Feb. 12, 2011
Dear Josh Brolin,
Who would’ve thought a kid who starred in The Goonies would grow up to portray George W. Bush in “W”, be nominated for numerous acting awards, and be married to another former teen actor—the beautiful Diane Lane? I’m glad you’re now on a roll and appearing in some great films. Although, The Goonies was not so bad, was it now, Josh? I mean after all, the script was written by Steven Spielberg and you got to work with the future hobbit, Samwise Gamgee, Sean Astin. Plus, you got to work with unforgettable characters like “Sloth” and “Chunk.” Yes, The Goonies was an entertaining film I enjoyed watching with my kids and I’ll probably love watching it with my grandkids too!
One more thing, Josh, do you go to your stepmom’s for Sunday dinners? “My Stepmother is Barbra Streisand”…am I seeing a new reality show?
Happy 43rd Birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love

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