Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Zach Braff!

Apr. 6, 2011
Dear Zachary Israel Braff,
To be honest with you I never once watched your hit show “Scrubs,” which debuted in 2001.  It wasn’t until a few years ago, however, that I HAD to watch it. My daughter portrayed an intern a number of times, so I first started watching to find her on those episodes. She looked so young. I remember thinking there’s NO WAY she looks an intern!  Of course, she was definitely the cutest one! It’s just that I had never imagined my little girl running around in scrubs in a hospital!  She also was the best-accessorized intern! She had on a beautiful Tiffany heart necklace with her scrubs. Remember? You even made a comment about it. After all, how many interns do you see wearing Tiffany heart necklaces?

During breaks you were super nice to all the background actors. You even let my daughter listen through your stethoscope!  Ooooh Dr. Dorian’s stethoscope!

Filmed at a building that was once an actual hospital, my daughter said “Scrubs” had a great, friendly atmosphere. It felt like it was one big, happy family. Most of the time when the background actors weren’t filming, they were able to sit on comfy sofas and watch movies together. My daughter said she watched “Anchorman” three times in one day! Most background actors on other shows sit in uncomfortable chairs and until they are needed for filming, but “Scrubs” treated them great!

Furthermore, “Scrubs” gave one-line speaking rolls to their regular background actors, which is unheard of on other television shows!

As I told you Zach, I hadn’t watched “Scrubs” until my daughter worked on it. Then I was hooked. After that, I was a faithful fan for many years. What a funny show! Loved it! I wish I had watched it from the beginning. I loved your character, Dr. JD Dorian and your side-kick “Turk.”

One friend has described you Zack, as adorkable. Don’t think it’s a word? Well, look it up! It is! At least that’s what she told me!

You’ve said: “I'm on this TV show and I love doing it, but I don't want to be known always as the silly ‘Scrubs’ guy.”

I’m sorry Zach, that’s how I’ll always remember you. Its how I WANT to remember you!
Have a Happy 36th Birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love

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