Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Jerry Seinfeld!

Apr. 29, 2011
Dear Jerry,
I want you to know I’ve enjoyed your show for so many years. Why? Because:
1) it was funny
2) it was brilliant
3) and it was a show about nothing! It wasn’t a show where you answer the question ‘what happened in that episode?’ It’s just a bunch of stuff that happens every day.
I loved the show with all its sub-plots and how they all tied into the main plot at the end. The comedy was more than just lots of mindless banter that we see so much of today.  (Note: Modern Family is the exception!)  Even many reality shows today are ridiculous.
It was a show that, even today, you can watch in reruns about 4 times a day and each time feel like you’re watching it for the first time.
Many of the episodes put a smile on my face just thinking about them. One of my favorites is The Marine Biologist. I love George’s speech at the end, explaining how he rescued the whale. It is priceless! And then the expression on Kramer’s face when he pulls the golf ball out of his pocket. The best! I am smiling just writing about it!
Something else I loved about your show, Jerry, was that even the peripheral characters were funny. Really funny! In most sitcoms, the regular cast are the funny ones and anyone else who is brought in for the week is just very straight—not funny. But in Seinfeld, even the not-so-regular cast members were hilarious! Who can forget the Soup Nazi? The Bubble Boy? Or the infuriating Bania?  The Close Talker? Or The Library Cop? etc, etc.
And there are so many funny lines that will be quoted until the end of time.
“People love to say salsa!” “Maybe the dingo ate your baby!”  “Gotta love the Drake!”  A Bra is for ladies, meet the Bro.”  “Serenity Now!”  “And you want to be my latex salesman! I don’t think so!”  “Yo yo ma!”  “Are you still the master of your domain?” etc, etc.
Thank you for making me laugh for so many years. You continue to do so in reruns and DVD. You and Larry David were brilliant!  And lastly, Jerry, I hope today, on your 57th birthday, you enjoyed a chocolate babka!
Regards, Mrs Love

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