Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Shirley Temple Black!

Apr. 23, 2011
Dear Shirley Temple,
I have been your devout fan for many years. I have enjoyed all your films and I adore you because you remind me of my mother. Yes, that’s right. You see, my mother is just a few years younger than you. When she was a little girl, growing up in the 1930’s, she loved your dolls. However, her family was very poor and so she never had one. Later in life, though, my mother was finally able to get a “Shirley Temple” doll. She was thrilled to find one at an antique store. Today, in her room, in her home in Portland, Oregon, there are many pictures of you hanging on the walls and her Shirley Temple doll, lovingly placed on a stand atop a dresser. 

What’s more, I feel like I know you. I read your autobiography, “Child Star” many years ago. I enjoyed it very much and I was happy you mentioned my grandfather’s cousin, Louis Dean Palmer in the book. He was your tall body guard/chauffeur during your teen years. You called him “Palmtree” because he was so tall.  
And lastly, I remember you wrote in your book how your mother’s advice to you before each movie scene was: “Sparkle, Shirley, sparkle!” When my daughter, Stacy, auditioned for movie and tv roles as a young girl, I remembered this and I used to say it to her. I still say it to her on occasion…even though today she is 23 years old!  It’s good advice for just about any aspect of her life.

How I wish I had someone to tell me, “Sparkle, Vivian, sparkle!” as I went through life.
What a wonderful person you have been Shirley! Thank you for continuing to entertain us, even today. I’m sure that on this day, your 83rd birthday, you sparkled too!
Regards, Mrs Love

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  1. I still had Mom's old Shirley Temple videos until a few months ago. My kids loved them when they were little, but they hadn't been watched for years. Now I need to get them again on DVD's for my granddaughters. I now have a empty drawer for them (the DVDs, not the granddaughters) Love this blog - it makes me smile :) Love, Vickie