Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Conan O'Brien!

Apr. 18, 2011
Dear Conan O’Brien,
I love you because you--
1) make me laugh every day. I could be having the worst day and then I watch you and my day ends with a good laugh.
2) seem like you are real, genuine.
3) seem to love people and make people feel like they matter.
4) have great hair. (especially the Rolling Stone cover you did in 1996!)
5) have a great beard.
6) look like Tilda Swinton.
7) look like the president of Finland, Tarja Halonen. (Google it! You’ll see!)
8) made a college student famous by following her on Twitter.
9) write some of the finniest tweets every day.
10) would do really well on Jeopardy. You’re really smart! (graduated magna cum laude from Harvard?)
11) look great in jeggings.
12) are a good role model. NBC really screwed you over, but in an age where celebrities are quick to lose their cool and burn bridges (ie Charlie Sheen), you showed grace and dignity. On the final episode of The Tonight Show, you shared this advice: (I hope your youngest viewers were listening!)

“Please do not be cynical. I hate cynicism; for the record, it's my least favorite quality. It doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen."

Today you’re 48 and I’m sure you spent your birthday with your family, because that’s how you are. Years ago, while my daughter and I were visiting NYC, we stopped in to the NBC gift shop and bought souvenirs. My daughter, who is a huge fan of your’s, bought a Conan O’Brien night light. I thought it was the silliest thing. However, last month I was staying at her home in Oregon. In the guest bathroom there was the Conan O’Brien night light. It made me smile. I think if you had seen it, it would’ve made you smile too.

Happy 48th!
Regards, Mrs Love

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