Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Anthony Michael Hall!

Apr. 14, 2011
Dear Anthony Michael Hall,
What do your friends call you? Anthony? Tony? Michael? Mike? Mr. Hall? Hey you? I will call you “Farmer Ted.” Why? Well, because of “Sixteen Candles” of course!  I know you’ve done other things besides “Sixteen Candles”…”National Lampoon’s Vacation,” “Breakfast Club,” “Edward Scissorhands”…but I’ll always see you as Farmer Ted.

Your roll as Farmer Ted, freshman geek was legendary. You spent the entire movie trying to prove to your fellow geek-friends that you were a lady’s man. And you bet floppy discs to spend the night with Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald)! Young audience members don’t even know what floppy discs are! Lol

After crashing the senior party at hunky Jake Ryan’s house, you eventually managed to drive home the prom queen in a borrowed Rolls Royce! Priceless! Oh, and I loved how Farmer Ted still managed to remember to put in his headgear that night!

You taught us that a person can use their words and intellect to get pretty far in life. You don’t have to be the most handsome, popular guy in the place…just the one willing to take the right chances. (example: Bill Gates! Hey! I just remember you WERE Bill Gates in “Pirates of Silicon Valley!”)  Coincidence or Irony?
You said: “I’m not really a farmer. I’m a freshman!"

Well, to me, you’ll always be Farmer Ted!
Happy 43rd Birthday Anthony Michael Hall!
Regards, Mrs Love

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