Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy 29th Birthday Mandy Moore!

Dear Mandy Moore,
When I hear your music, I think of my daughter Julie, who has always been one of your biggest fans!

When I hear one of your songs, Mandy, or watch one of your movies, it's like no time has passed...and Julie's living with us...and she's a teenager...and her room's a mess...and smells of chlorine. Haha! (she was a swimmer and played waterpolo)

Now she's all grown up, lives some 700 miles away in a small town in Utah. She's happy and has a husband and a little boy and a home of her own...which is spotless, I might add, and DOESN'T smell of chlorine...Ever!

Mandy, thank you for your talent and for sharing it with us. And thank you for the good memories your talent has brought to my life.
Happy 29th Birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love

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