Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tim Allen!

Dear Timothy Allen Dick,
Yes, Tim, I think it was a wise choice to drop the last name “Dick.” Tim Allen suits you better. You celebrated your 58th birthday last week. Only 58?  I think of you much older.  Every Christmas I watch one of my favorite films, “The Santa Clause.”  I’ve seen it so many times, so I’ve begun to think of you as Santa.  For many years our family enjoyed “Home Improvement.”(my favorite character was your neighbor, Wilson.) I was happy to learn recently that you are returning to primetime television in a new sitcom for the 2011-2012 season—“Last Man Standing.” 
Now Tim, do you remember the first time I saw you?  It was the premier of The Santa Clause 2? I think it was in 2002.  Well, in case you don’t recall, let me refresh your memory. My daughter Stacy and I were L.A. for an appointment which didn’t take long, so we decided to go over to Hollywood Blvd and see the sights. We browsed the shops across the street from the historic “El Capitan Theatre.”  We were in a jewelry store chatting with a jeweler and asked him about the premiere going on across the street.  He said, “Now, the way you get to see the stars is when they come out of the theatre AFTER the premiere and they should be coming out soon.” So Stacy and I ran to quickly make our way to the theatre.  Just then, walking across the street, was YOU, Tim!  There you were!  Now do you remember?  I took your picture right there!  Soon a crowd began to gather and so off you went in a hurry.  It was exciting; however, I was a bit surprised at how thin you were.  Like I said, I think of you as Santa!
I’m sure you remember that, Tim.  Ok, how about the OTHER time I saw you.  It was in Studio City at a Starbucks. Again, my daughter had an appointment. We got there early and decided to pick up a couple of hot chocolates from Starbucks. It was a busy morning and we stood in a long line with lots of customers. Most of the seats in the place were filled with aspiring young screenwriters typing away on their laptops. Is it starting to sound familiar now, Tim?  Well, in you walked. I noticed you right away, but didn’t make a scene. My daughter whispered to me, “Recognize him?” “Absolutely!” I answered.  You see, Tim, you “air” about you—the “air” of a celebrity.  You went right up to the barista, she handed you a coffee and said, “Good Morning, Mr. Allen.”  Do you remember, Tim?  Then you said, “Good morning, thank you.”  And off you went. I notice you didn’t get in line like the rest of us. I notice you didn’t pay either. Perhaps you had an account there.  Oh well, no one made a fuss about it. After all, you were Tim Allen!  It was as if, a star walking in and picking up his coffee was an everyday occurrence.  Again, I was surprised at how thin and young you looked.  You still didn’t look like Santa!
Tim, I hope you had a wonderful 58th birthday last week. I’m sure you celebrated it with your family, including your two daughters—one 19 and the other a 2 year old. 
When will I run into you next, Tim?  Maybe next time you’ll remember!
Regards, Mrs Love

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