Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday "Cheap Trick" Drummer, Bun E Carlos!

Dear Bun E Carlos,
Whenever I hear your band I think of my college days in the late 70’s and early 80’s and it puts a big smile on my face. I was a loyal and devoted fan and completely hooked when I bought the album “Cheap Trick at Budokan.” I listened to that record over and over and even screamed with all the little Japanese girls in the background.

I had posters and magazine pictures in my dorm room of lead singer Robin and bass guitarist Tom. Soon the pictures would become part of the “wallpaper” of my room, joining various pictures of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Kiss, and Peter Frampton. I’m sorry Bun E, but I didn’t have too many pictures of you. You see, the cool thing about your band was the contrast of your members. You had two glamour boys and two geekie boys. You, Bun E, (and I’m sure you knew this) were one of the geekie boys. The other geekie boy was lead guitarist Rick Nielsen, with his flipped up old style ball cap and crazy onstage antics. And then you, Bun E, looked like someone’s engineer-dad just happened to stop by and pick up the drumsticks and play. With your white shirt and tie and dangling cigarette, you certainly stuck out. However, just by your geekie persona and I’m-bored attitude, you certainly entertained me.

You introduced your own line of coffee. How entrepreneurial of you! Bun E. Blend Gourmet Coffee. “An intense blend of Columbian, Guatemalan and Sumatran coffees, providing a full body in a sharp envelope of smoky flavored Italian Style Roast." Never tried it, but sounds exotic!

So Bun E, here’s a “Cheap Trick” story. You didn’t think I would give you a birthday wish without one, did you? It was 1979 and my boyfriend “du jour,” Danny, told me he was taking me on a special date. (Note: in my college years I changed boyfriends as often as I changed my sweaters!) He wouldn’t give me any hints other than we needed to drive into the city.

So downtown we went. It was a busy weekend and there were lots of cars. We had trouble finding a parking spot. Finally we parked behind a large sports arena and saw many people going in.

As we walked around to the front, Danny said, “Why don’t you ask someone what’s going on?”
So I walked up to an usher and asked, “Hey what’s happening tonight?”
He said, “A concert.”
My next question to the usher was, “Oh really? Who’s in concert?”
He answered: “Cheap Trick.”
I screamed and turned to Danny, “Oh my gosh, I wish we could see them! I love Cheap Trick!”
He smiled at the usher, as he reached into his pocket, pulling out 2 tickets. Then he asked, “Would these get us in?”

It was an awesome night and the first of many Cheap Trick concerts I would enjoy in my life. I don’t know whatever happened to Danny. We probably broke up after that night, because that’s how I was back then.

Thank you Bun E, for your great music. Thank you for still being on the radio and bringing back good memories. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face!
You turned 60 on the 12th of June. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Bun E Carlos (aka Brad Carlson)!
Regards, Mrs Love

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