Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy "Belated" Birthday Shia Labeouf!

Dear Shia,
The first time I saw you was when you were just a little kid on the popular Disney Channel series, “Even Stevens.”  I never actually watched an entire episode, but it was one of my kids’ favorites.  I would walk in the family room where they were watching and stop now and then to look.  I remember seeing you and I told my kids, “Now, THAT kid can act.” You had “naturalness” about you…and still do.  My favorite actors are those who don’t seem like they’re acting at all.  And you, Shia, are that kind of actor.  You were even awarded a Daytime Emmy at the ripe old age of 16! No surprise to me!
Now Shia, something else I want to tell you. When I first heard your name I said, “Now that kid needs to change his name.  There’s no way people are going to remember it.”  In fact, I had a difficult time even pronouncing it.  When I see the name Shia, I want to pronounce it “Shee-a.”  Instead it’s pronounced “Shy-a.”  When asked what your name means, you told David Letterman, “the name ‘Shia’ was Hebrew for Praise God and his last name ‘LaBeouf’ was French for Beef, hence the phrase ‘Praise God for Beef.’”  Hilarious!  So now that I’m seeing your name more and more often, I guess you can keep it as it, Shia.  I’ll let you.

To be honest with you, kid, I haven’t actually seen very many of your films. Ok, maybe one. Ok, maybe none. The truth is I haven’t seen ANY of them. I’ve never seen that golfing movie you did. I’ve never seen the Indiana jones movie, or Wall Street, or the Transformer movies.  So why would I want to write you a birthday wish?  I know who you are because my kids are your fans.  I want you to be a good guy!  PLEASE!  I know you’ve had your skirmishes with the law a number of years ago… intoxicated at a Walgreens late at night… a DUI accident, where you overturned your truck in 2008. You injured your hand, but luckily no one else was seriously hurt.
May I share a quote with you, Shia? “You can't buy back your respect; you can't buy back your career. You only get one, so I don't want to mess that up.” Who said that Shia? It’s someone you know very well.  YOU said it!  I hope you’ve learned a lesson or two from the past and you’ll put your head on straight from now on! You said you don’t want to mess up, so DON’T!
I may not be watching your films, Shia. But I WILL be keeping an eye on you! Happy slightly belated 25th Birthday and Thank God for Beef!
Regards, Mrs Love

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