Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker Stevenson!

Dear Parker Stevenson,
Do you remember the time I hid in the trunk of a car just to get a glimpse of you?  What?  You don’t remember me?  Don’t you remember those 3 crazy girls watching you on the set of “The Hardy Boys?”  You know the cute ones?  I believe it was 1978. Well, let me refresh your memory.
You and Shaun Cassidy were the stars of the popular television show, “The Hardy Boys.” We found out you were filming at Lion Country Safari one day.  Lion Country Safari was located in Laguna Canyon in Orange County.  The episode was supposed to be about the Hardy boys going to Africa to solve a crime. Of course they were going to solve a crime!  Isn’t that what they did in every episode? 
Why film the episode in Orange County?  Well I’m sure the production company wanted to keep costs down. It was cheaper to go to film in the O.C. than to really go to Africa!  One of my friend’s older brothers worked at Lion Country Safari and told us about the filming. (Note: Lion Country Safari no longer exists here in the O.C., but it was theme park where you could drive your car among the lions and giraffes, hippos, etc.  I remember they had a sign outside the park that said “No Trespassing: Violators Will Be Eaten!”)
Now Parker, I must tell you that in 1978 I was deeply in love with you and your costar, Shaun Cassidy, so I was determined to go to the Hardy Boys set and get a glimpse of you!  So I called 2 of my girlfriends to come along that day. One of the girls drove her little Datsun 710 and when we got to the park, we discovered we didn’t have enough money to get all 3 of us in.  No problem!  Two of us would squish into the trunk, while one would drive.  That was the plan.  I was one of the girls chosen to get into the trunk. (Note: I was A LOT skinnier then!)    I remember being in that tiny trunk, my face smashed against the lid, barely able to breath.  I remember thinking, “All THIS just to see The Hardy Boys?” 
Well we got in! Luckily, in 1978, they didn’t do thorough security checks like they do today.  Many filming locations do careful checks of each vehicle, including trunks!  Well, we drove around a bit and found my friend’s brother.  He let us hang out with him on the set and we got to meet most of the crew and other actors. We were there the entire day!
Now Parker, I wish I could tell you that we got to meet you and Shaun that day and we became the best of friends.  Sadly though, we only saw you from a distance.  You were the stars of the show, so you were kept pretty guarded.  You hung out in your trailer most of the day.  However, one of the production assistants was able to get us your pictures and autographs.   Perhaps the crew warned you about the 3 crazy girls hanging out on set and it was safer for you to stay in your trailer! Perhaps they thought we were more dangerous than the lions and tigers at Lion Country Safari!  Oh well, it was a worth it to us!  We got to see you in person, even if it was from a distance and we had a fun story to go home and tell our friends and family. And believe me, Parker, I’ve told this story for YEARS!
I have wondered about you Parker; where you are and what you’re doing now. I know you went on to become one of the “original” lifeguards on Baywatch and you were once married to wacky Kirstie Alley…(when she was thin!).  I hope I’ll get to see you on TV now and then so I can reminisce once again about the time I hid in a trunk to try and get a glimpse of you!  
I hope you had a very Happy 59th Birthday last Saturday!  59? Wow!  How did that happen?
Regards, Mrs Love

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