Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy 72nd Birthday Martha Stewart!

Happy 72nd Birthday Martha Stewart...I'm still trying to be "a good thing!"

Dear Martha,
Happy 72nd Birthday! 

Many years ago, I got to meet you at a book signing event at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. I took my 2 daughters with me. They were so little then. Anyway, as we waited in the long line, anxiously hoping to meet you, my daughter Julie was standing in the path where you were to come through. Suddenly you and your entourage came through and you had to ask my daughter to move. You put your hand on her shoulder and said, "Excuse me, dear." Julie looked up and saw you face to face. She said wanted to scream!

When my daughter returned to the line where I was, she was so excited to tell me what had just happened. Two men who were in line behind us, heard the whole story, screamed and told my daughter to never wash her shoulder again! Now that's taking it a bit too far! Yes, Martha, we are fans, not psychopaths! 

Have a wonderful birthday with your grandbabies!

Regards, Mrs Love

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