Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy 66th Birthday Steven Forbes!

Dear Steven,
I remember meeting you in the elevator at the Nixon Library many years ago. You were campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. I think it was 2000. Remember me? I was the lady staring at you as we shook hands. I was trying to see if you would blink. 

You see, that's one of the 3 things I remember about you. 1) you don't blink. 2) you are an example of how a person can get into politics even when they're not the most handsome....however, Sen. Mitch McConnell is a good example of that too!  And 3) you're a gazillionare. 

No, you didn't blink that day. I checked. One day if we meet again, let's have a staring contest. You might win, but I'd be a good competitor! 

And next time you decide to put tons of money into a campaign and it doesn't pan out for you...why not send it to a better cause. Me!
Happy 66th Birthday! 
Regards, Mrs Love

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