Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy 49th Birthday Sandra Bullock!

Dear Sandra,
Happy 49th Birthday!
The first time I saw you was Oct. 17, 1989. Do you remember? I was a member of the "live, studio audience" of a short-lived sit com you were starring in: Working Girl. The reason I recall the date? Because as I was arriving at the studio, someone told me that there had been a huge earthquake in San Francisco. It was later called the Loma Prieta earthquake and it measured at 6.9.
That's how I remember seeing you. I was clapping and doing my best at laughing at all the jokes as I sat in the audience. (By the way, I'm an AWESOME live, studio audience member!) However, that night, I kept wondering about that earthquake. Growing up in Southern California, I've been in many earthquakes, and I knew that was a bad one! 

I also remember thinking you were so pretty. I'd never heard of you, but I thought you were very funny. Sorry that sit-com didn't last. 

Then I saw the film, "Speed," and told my husband, "Hey, it's that girl from that sit-com I saw years ago!" Loved you in Speed! And each time I drive the 105 freeway near LAX I still look for a speeding bus with you driving it! 

Hope you enjoyed your birthday today! You look wonderful and I think have gotten BETTER with age! I'm happy you're a mother now. And if you need me to set you up with some decent men (unlike Jesse James) I know a few who'd be interested! Love you!
Regards, Mrs Love

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