Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday David Alan Grier!

Dear David Alan Grier,
Have you ever seen someone that looks so familiar, but you can’t remember their name? Well, this happens to me all the time, DAG.  May I call you DAG?  Because it’s your nickname and in view of the fact that you smiled at me once, I feel like we’re good friends. 
It was 2004 and my daughter and I were at “Theater Row” in Los Angeles. She was 16 years old and had written a play that was produced by the Theatre of NOTE.  It was performed six times at the theater on Sunset & Cahuenga. However, for the final performance, it was held at the Hudson “Backstage” Theatre on Santa Monica & Hudson. A larger theater was needed for the final performance since my daughter and 4 other high school students were to receive scholarships from Joey Travolta.
We were there early in the day of the final performance, watching rehearsals. During a lunch break we took a walk down Santa Monica Blvd. to get a bite to eat.  We met up with a couple of the actors, Frank Crim and David Connor.  We enjoyed a nice lunch and hurried back to theater. As we walked along Santa Monica Blvd, we saw a gentleman parking his motorcycle. He took off his helmet as he walked passed us, smiled and said, “Hi.”  Now, DAG, I know you’re involved with Comedy Central, who has one of the stages at the Hudson Theatre, so it really wasn’t too surprising to see you there. However, neither my daughter nor I could remember your name.  Once you were far enough away so as not to hear us, I said, “It’s that guy! You know that guy!” My daughter said, “I know, it’s him!  That guy! But what’s his name?” I said, “Oh yeah! It’s the policeman on Jumanji!”  She said, “Oh and he was on that show, Living Color! But what’s his name?” It wasn’t until we got home and had a chance to Google “Jumanji” that we realized exactly who you were—David Alan Grier!
David Alan Grier, star of Living Color, along with Keenan Ivory Wayans, “Carl” the police officer in Jumanji, Comedy Central stand-up comedian, etc, etc. I’m sad that it wasn’t until much later, that we realized who you were. You smiled at us, so we figured you were not only a talented actor and comedian, but also a friendly guy!
Much has happened since we saw you, DAG. You’ve been on numerous shows and performed in many venues with your stand-up comedy.  You were even a contestant on Season 8 of Dancing With The Stars.  And most exciting of all, you’re now a father!  Congratulations!
Perhaps I’ll run into you again someday, DAG. But this time I promise I will be prepared! I’ll go right up to you and say, “How you doing, DAG?” I won’t just pass by and give you a goofy grin…I promise!
Happy 55th Birthday, David Alan Grier!
Regards, Mrs Love  

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