Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson

Dear Richard Dean Anderson,

I've been your fan since the late 70's when you starred as Dr Jeff Webber on General Hospital.

Then I loved you in the 80's when you starred as MacGyver. You were amazing! Besides the fact that you were the only guy who could make a mullet look good, your show introduced a new word ...the verb: macgyver! (should be added to Webster's Dictionary)

I use the word all the time...even recently...
Me: "I dropped your laptop on the sidewalk dear, so I mcgyver'd it. I just used a string, a sock and a paper clip. It ain't pretty bit I'm pretty sure it still works." Just kiddin folks, relax....

The skills I learned from your hit TV show will help me should I'm ever stranded on an island. Hey, too bad you weren't on Gilligan's Island!

Love you Richard Dean "MacGyver" Anderson!
Happy 63rd Birthday!
Regards, Mrs Love

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