Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If I had been born on this day...

If I had been born on this day...

...50 years ago, I'd be one of the best looking actors in Hollywood, partnered with one of the best looking actresses in Hollywood with 6 kids and jetsetting all over the world trying to do good, just like Brad Pitt.

...67 years ago, I'd be one of the most influential directors in Hollywood and worth 1.3 billion dollars, just like Steven Spielberg. 

...35 years ago, I'd be Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek and then years later I'd get married in an Italian castle, then file for divorce after just 5 years from the wacky, yet handsome, Tom Cruise....but walk away with $15 million, just like Katie Holmes.

....59 years ago, I'd be an actor with intense blue eyes, who appears and disappears in an Iowa corn field into Field of Dreams, just like Ray Liotta. 

....33 years ago, I'd be a former Mickey Mouse Club member with a very big voice, now worth $90 million, just like Christina Aguilera. 

....70 years ago, I'd be an old rocker  and member of one of the most famous and wealthiest rock bands in the world and own 1,000 guitars. Then I'd portray Capt Jack Sparrow's dad, Capt Teague in a very popular pirate movie and I'd  live a hard partying lifestyle and make it to 70 even though no one would think I would.  And I'd prove that you don't have to necessarily be handsome to get a model for a wife, just like Keith Richards. 

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