Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy 64th Dave Thomas!

Dear Dave Thomas,
You're 64 today and to celebrate today, I'm going to watch "Adventures of Bob & Doug Mackenzie: Strange Brew" and brush up on my Canadian:

1. I will end every question today with 'eh?
2. Whenever I say "abOUT", I will pronounce it "abOOT."
3. When I talk about the Purse Dog I will say she's a "wee" dog...instead of "little."
4. When I go "out" today, I'll say I'm going "oot."
5. When I order a drink at Del Taco, I'll say: I'd like a large "pop."
6. If I say the ABC's I'll call Z "Zed"
7. I'll say my "postal code" is 92870, instead of "zip code"
8. And last but not least, I'll talk about hockey and call everyone a "hoser" today! 
Happy 64th Birthday, eh?
Regards, Mrs Love

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