Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Brad Pitt

Dear Brad Pitt,
Sorry I'm a day late... Happy 49th Birthday! How can an actor be so good looking?

There are actors that I see and say: "Oh my! He's so handsome!"

Then there are actors that I see and say: "Oh my! I can't take my eyes off him!"
But you, Mr Pitt, are one of those actors (and there aren't many) that I see and say, as I cover my eyes a little, "Oh my! He's so gorgeous, he hurts my eyes!"

That is you! I had to cover my eyes a little the first time I saw you in "A River Runs Through It." I had to do the same when I saw you in "Legends of the Fall" and "Meet Joe Black."

I have wondered how Angelina has not gone completely blind! Although, perhaps you look at her and say, "She's so gorgeous, she hurts *my* eyes!"

How have you two survived? Hope you and Angelina and your 20 kids celebrated a wonderful birthday yesterday.
Will you adopt me too?
Regards, Mrs Love

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